3D Secure

About 3D Secure

3D Secure technology is set to minimize the risks of fraudulent activities on your card when shopping online.

After subscribing to 3D Secure, you will have to enter your personal 3D Secure password on the online shopping websites, apart from your regular card details (card number, expiry date and CVV). Thus a third person who doesn't know your 3D Secure password will not be able to use your card details for fraudulent transactions.

The 3D Secure protocol was established by VISA International and MasterCard Worldwide in order to protect customers and banks from suspicious activities.

The protocol created by VISA is called Verified by VISA and the protocol established by MasterCard is called MasterCard Secure Code. You can see their logos on online shopping web sites.

How it works

  • When shopping online, your enter your card details on a web site of the online store
  • Bank creates a request using your card information and sends it to
  • VISA or MasterCard verifies whether your card is enrolled to 3D Secure

If your card is enrolled to 3D Secure and the web page supports 3D Secure:

  • A special window will appear.
  • You will need to enter your 3D Secure password or one-time SMS-password or a password from the list of passwords generated by ATM.
  • It the password is correct, operation will proceed: account balance check and account debit.
  • If the password is not correct, operation will not proceed.

If your card is not enrolled to 3D Secure but the web page supports 3D Secure:

  • Maximum amount of the transaction is set to USD100

If your card is enrolled to 3D Secure but the web page does not support 3D Secure:

  • Transaction will be made without entering a 3D Secure password

3D Secure enrollment

In order to enroll your card to 3D Secure:

  • Subscribe to SMS-Notification or
  • Print 3D Secure one-time passwords from an ATM (in this case you will use these passwords while paying online)
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