TamKart VISA Premium Debet

5 years service cost


Charges and Fees


Works both in debit and credit mode.1

QayğıCash club membership 2

Double "ƏDV geri al"4

Discounts, various privileges and other offers provided by Chatbot Concierge.

6 free Lounge Key passes. Sign up. 5

Insurance and other services offered by VISA.6

Free cash withdrawal from all domestic ATMs and transfers to all domestic cards (debit side)7

Unlimited passes per year provided by Salam Gold (Fast Line) service.

Unlimited use of Fast Track service at the airports of Turkey, Republic of Cyprus, Italy, Spain and other countries

Free transfer from / to Baku Heydar Aliyev International Airport (GYD) within Baku and the Absheron Peninsula for 6 times a year. Order through Visa Concierge chatbot.8

7% is calculated annually on the card balance registered in ABB mobile and transferred to the card account at the end of the month.9

Azercell offers 2 GB of complimentary roaming internet, which you can enjoy up to 6 times a year. Access the VISA chatbot to claim this offer.10

6 times a year, get a discount from the "Sağlam Ailə" Medical Center based on your age. For Visa cardholders living in Baku, Ganja, or Sumgait, 6 free Vitamin D tests per year are available. Book services through Visa Concierge.11

Discover the world with Avis car rental and get 35% off the standard price.

1 If a customer applies for a credit limit in the future, the credit limit will be opened on the same card. Each person can get only one card for each currency (AZN / USD / EUR).

2 You will also get up to 20% cashback on your payments at partner stores.

3 a) You will get high cashback on payments via TamKart Visa Premium Debet from in-package categories by choosing one of the "Faydalı cashback" packages on ABB mobile; b) The monthly limit for "Faydalı cashback" is AZN 100. The "Faydalı cashback" you collect will be instantly transferred to your cashback balance in ABB mobile.

4 To benefit from Double "ƏDV geri al", activate the “2xEdv geri al” function in ABB mobile application. Scan the cashless payment receipts made with TamKart via ABB mobile application within 24 hours after the transaction. The maximum amount of “2xEdv geri al” that can be earned in a month is 50 AZN.

5 Lounge Key is an international program that provides easy and quick access to more than 850 business lounges at airports all around the world.

6 Valid only for Visa Chatbot Concierge users.

7Total limit of ATM withdrawal and transfer to all cards together is free up to 15 000 AZN per month, and above 15 000 AZN a 1% (min. 1 AZN or equivalent) commission is charged.

8 The offer is valid until March 31, 2024.

9 Interest on the card balance is calculated the amount from a minimum of 1 000 AZN to a maximum of 5 000 AZN and only on AZN currency cards.

10The promotion is valid until Mart 31, 2024.

11For example, if you are 26 years old, your discount will be 26% of the total amount.

Charges and Fees

Cost 500 AZN
Maximum cashback amount earned during a month on the same card 100 AZN
Terms  3 years
QayğıCash club membership 1.5% cashback per each purchase
Deposits up to 10 000 AZN from other bank cards Free (0.5% commission is calculated when the amount of the deposit exceeds 10 000 AZN (AZN/USD/EUR)).
SMS-Notification Free
Connection to "3D Secure" service Free
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