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Contact details of the ABB

Hotline: 937

You can also send your appeal to

Post address: Baku, AZ1005, Nizami str. 67

Contact details of the Central Bank of Azerbaijan Republic:

Address: AZ1014, Azerbaijan, Baku, R. Behbudov str. 32,

Tel: (994 12) 493 11 22

Fax: (994 12) 493 55 41



The division for work with customers' requests (hereinafter “department”) should provide maximum opportunities for receiving customer requests, the methods for submitting applications should not be limited.

The consumer, in order to ensure consideration and response of his request, must provide the bank with at least the following information about himself and the subject of the complaint:

  • First name, last name and patronymic of the applicant (consumer)
  • Contact number (e-mail address)
  • Date of Birth
  • Address of registration or place of residence
  • Content of the appeal.

The applicant can submit their appeal to the bank in oral, written or electronic form.

The applicant can submit an appeal orally to employees of the Special Unit for Consumer Protection, Information Center hotline, or in written form as a letter (proposal or complaint) registered at the relevant branches of the Bank and provided to general issues specialists, or by sending it to the Bank’s Head Office by post, as well as sending it to

If the applicant does not agree with the response given to his claim, and appeals to a credit institution with the purpose of reconsidering it, his appeal must be reconsidered and investigated under special supervision of the responsible person (member of the supervisory board), who will also respond to the appeal.

Consumers can apply to the Central Bank, as well as to the court for the restoration of their rights if they do not agree with the credit organization’s response to their appeal.

Consumer appeals should be reviewed and responded by the Bank within 15 business days in accordance with the requirements of Article 10 of the Law of the Republic of Azerbaijan “On the order for considering citizens` appeals”. If an additional investigation is required, the term for preparing a response may be extended up to 30 business days.

Each consumer can receive an e-mail address and a number of the call center for sending his requests, from information and advertising brochures of our bank and at our website. A special structural division on protection of consumer rights provides reports on the following criteria:

  • information about consumers;
  • the number, character and causes of appeals;
  • distribution of appeals for products and services;
  • the number of already responded requests, pending or denied;
  • the number of appeals for which compensation was paid and the amount of compensation.

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