Cash loan

Cash loan for everybody.



Loan repayment


40 000 Maximum amount
Up to 60 mos Term
0% Fee
from 10.9% Interest rate
Not required Insurance for the loan application
Actual Annual Interest Rate (AAIR)

min. 10.9% - max. 30%


Who is eligible for the loan?

  • Owners of salary cards of all banks.
  • Employees with a minimum 6 months work experience at the current work place.
  • Persons aged from 20 to 70 (at the time of last repayment of the loan).

Which documents are required of the borrower for loan processing?

  • Identification card.

Loan repayment

Loan calculator
300 40000
3 month 60 months
Initial calculation
0 Monthly payment
0 Total amount
Initial calculation

How to get a loan online?

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