Become a TamGənc holder, Now for Everyone Under 29

It is a real time for those who want to have a TamGənc card. Thus, the age eligibility for the TanGenc Visa Debit card has been increased from 25 to 29.

What advantages do TamGənc holders get?

  • Earn up to 10% cash back on the selected "Faydalı Cashback" package;
  • Double "VAT Refund";
  • Fee-free withdrawal and transfer;
  • Up to 7% annual income is generated from the card balance.

Moreover, the card is completely free! You can order the card in AZN, USD, EUR currencies through online channels, as well as at branches and stands.

Live your youth to the fullest with TamGənc!

Order TamGənc

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