Welcome Double VAT from ABB Bank!

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VAT amounts will be doubled for TamKart cardholders! You will be able to earn double VAT by scanning the receipts of payments made with TamKart debit and credit cards via ABB mobile application. To benefit from double VAT:

  • First, activate the "Double VAT" function in ABB mobile application.
  • Scan the cashless payment receipts made with TamKart via ABB mobile application within 30 minutes after the transaction.

The maximum amount of VAT that can be earned in a month is 50 AZN. If you are not a TamKart cardholder yet, order now for free and benefit from double VAT.

Until September 30, TamKart Visa Classic and MasterCard Standard, TamGənc Visa card are offered completely free of charge. Plus, you can enjoy free shipping when ordering online.

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