Friendship wins here!

Invite your friends to purchase the ABB Miles card at a 50% discount, and both you and your friend will earn AZN 5!

Now, using a unique link available in the ABB mobile app, you can invite friends to purchase a card, and both of you will receive AZN 5 cashback. Furthermore, by using this link, your friend can avail the ABB Miles MasterCard Debit card at a special 50% discount – for just AZN 30 instead of the usual AZN 60.

  • Launch the ABB mobile app and select "Card order".
  • Tap on the "Share and earn" icon, followed by the "Share with a friend" option.
  • Choose the card for which you'll receive cashback, and then pick the ABB Miles card.
  • Generate a personal link and share it via SMS, WhatsApp, Facebook, email, etc.
  • Once your friend makes their first successful transaction using the card ordered through this link, both of you will be credited with AZN 5 cashback.

Any number of people can be invited. 1 customer can earn a total of 600 AZN in 1 year. The inviter does not earn cashback when he sends an invitation to himself;

The campaign is valid until 30.12.2023.

Send the link to any number of friends right now, and both of you will receive cashback!

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