Special TamKart credit card offer for oil-gas workers!


It's time to earn more with TamKart installments! 🕒

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From September 18th to October 20th, employees working in the oil-gas sector who get the TamKart credit card will receive:

  • 10 AZN gift for cashless payments between 100-299.99 AZN;
  • 20 AZN gift for cashless payments between 300-499.99 AZN;
  • 30 AZN gift for cashless payments of 500 AZN and more!

Campaign conditions:

  • During the campaign period, customers who make a total of cashless payments between 100 - 299.99 AZN will earn a 10 AZN gift, between 300 – 499.99 AZN will earn 20 AZN, and for 500 AZN and above, customers will earn a 30 AZN gift in addition to the "Faydali Cashback".
  • The campaign includes all types of TamKart credit cards obtained by customers during the campaign period.
  • Earned gifts will be transferred to the customers' accounts within 14 working days after the end of the campaign.
  • Customers who replace their active TamKart credit card with a new one during the campaign period are not included in the campaign.
  • Utility payments, mobile operator payments, tax/customs, state and insurance payments, payments to financial institutions, credit payments, CardTransfer, Unique cash, Quasi cash payments, and cashing transactions are not covered by the campaign conditions.
  • Canceled payments are not considered in the campaign.
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