TamKart holders win!

order tamkart - Win 5 AZN

Anyone who orders a TamKart MasterCard Standard debit card for the first time via ABB mobile application until 25.07.2023 will get AZN 5 as a gift!

Terms of the campaign:

  • 1 customer can earn 5 AZN cashback only for the first time order of TamKart MasterCard Standard (AZN) debit card;
  • The campaign applies only to orders made through the ABB mobile application;
  • Cashbacks are transferred to the card balance within 21 days;
  • During the campaign period, a customer can take advantage of the campaign offer only once.

Till 30.09.2023 TamKart MasterCard Standard debit card order is absolutely free of charge. Plus, you can enjoy free shipping when ordering online.

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