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Call our Information center

You can manage your accounts by calling our Information Center (937).

Visit your branch

Only you or an authorised person with a power of attorney may get information about your account or make any transactions.

SMS / Email notification

"SMS / Email notification" service on current account

  • “SMS notification” service - sending information on current account transactions via SMS to the mobile phone number.
  • “E-mail notification” service - sending a bank statement on current account transactions to an e-mail address.


  • When connecting to the “SMS notification” service, notifications on the current account transactions are sent via SMS during the transaction.
  • When connecting to the “E-mail notification” service, an account statement reflecting income / expenditure transactions on the current account is sent to the e-mail address once a week or once a month on the next business day after the transaction.

Service fee

  • The service is free.

Connection method

  • Connection to the “SMS / E-mail notification” service is possible through the branch or department to which the current account belongs.

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