Currency regulation


You can make transfers abroad in the following cases (subject to presenting the original of documents confirming the purpose, amount, and terms and conditions of the operation to the bank):

  • Funds transferred in return for goods imported to the country on an import agreement, and services rendered in or imported to the country;
  • Transfers on re-export and intermediation;
  • Refunds on unexecuted export agreements;
  • Special transfers to overseas branches and representative offices, including subsidiaries and affiliated entities of residents;
  • Transfers of residents for the purpose of payment of dividends to their foreign founders provided that the tax legislation is observed;
  • Transfers to disburse loans attracted from foreign banks and loan interests;
  • Transfers for the payment of financial aids attracted from foreign businesses and organizations, other borrowings, and their interests;
  • Foreign currency funds previously transferred to the country;
  • Foreign currency previously brought to the country;
  • Pensions, costs of judicial, arbitrage, notary, and other administrative entities, alimonies paid on the basis of decisions of judicial bodies and other similar transfers;
  • Transfers on taking the capital out of the country.

For other purposes:

  • Fees for participation in international organizations, conferences, exhibitions, and fairs;
  • Subscription fees to foreign periodicals; advertising fees;
  • Taxes, charges, and fines paid overseas according to the valid legislation;
  • Payments for tuition and treatment fees, and transfers for the financial assistance provided to citizens for these purposes;
  • Transfers for the payment of copyright and franchise fees.
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