Are you running an online store? Do you want to increase the volume of your sales, reduce your costs, and increase the quality of service for customers? Call us and start accepting cards! Accepting card payments expands your opportunities by:

Increasing sales volume

When paying by card, customer can use both own funds and the credit limit or deferred payment facility set up on the card. Hence customer’s purchase power will increase.

Reducing costs

Be free of risks and inconveniences related to the collection, carrying, and counting the cash.

Improving customer service quality

Nowadays customers are more prone to pay by cards, as it is easy and convenient. Accepting card payments will improve your image as a modern company that values its customers' comfort and time.

Increasing the number of customers

Accepting card payments will allow you to sell not only to locals but also to the customers living abroad.


What types of cards can be accepted?

  • VISA International, MasterCard Worldwide and American Express cards;
  • All local cards issued by the "Azericard" processing company.

How safe is accepting card payments?

  • We use the 3D Secure protocol to ensure card payments securely on your website.
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