Transfers abroad


Transfers abroad are the easiest and the most affordable way to transfer money from your company's account to an account at any foreign bank.

You can make transfers in foreign currencies (USD, EUR, GBP, RUB, CHF, CAD, AUD, etc).

The maximum amount of transfer is unlimited but determined in accordance with the currency regulation rules.

The beneficiary will get the money within 3 working days.

To make transfer abroad, please provide 2 copies of the payment order to your branch.

Please indicate the following information in the payment order:

  • Date and number (the payment order will be valid within 3 working days);
  • Sender details (name, surname, account number, TAX ID);
  • Sender bank’s details (name, code, TAX ID, correspondent account, SWIFT);
  • Beneficiary details (name, surname, account number, TAX ID);
  • Beneficiary bank details (name, code, TAX ID, correspondent account, SWIFT);
  • Amount and currency of transfer;
  • Details of payment;
  • Additional information;
  • Signatures;
  • Stamp.

Charge and fees

International transfers


0.30% (min. USD 30 equivalent - max. USD 500)

Transfers via IBA-Moscow or IBA-Georgia

0.20% (min. USD 10 equivalent - max. USD 400 equivalent)

Urgent transfers (the value date of the payment is the current business day)

0.5% (min. USD 40 equivalent - max. USD 600 equivalent)

Transfer investigation

USD 50 equivalent

Changes in payment documents after the execution of the transfer

USD 50 equivalent

Acceptance of a request for reversing a payment order

USD 10 equivalent

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