Instant Payment System

Instant Payment System (IPS) offers customers remote and fast access to banking services. With this system, you can make payment transactions 24/7/365 through bank accounts with simplified identifiers, send money to the bank accounts of individual entrepreneurs and legal entities in the national currency. To take advantage of this opportunity, it is enough to enter the amount in the ABB’s mobile application by selecting the FIN code, TIN, mobile number or e-mail to whom the funds will be sent via the Instant Payment System.

Individual entrepreneurs and legal entities will use this system to speed up transfers (AniPay transfer), make instant tax payments (AniPay Tax, AniPay VAT), and reduce operating costs. In addition, customers will be able to increase the financial flows by accepting payments instantly. Therefore, they should not wait for business days to complete payment transactions.

This system will also improve the efficiency of digital banking services. It will expand customer service opportunities and the range of services. It will stimulate the development of digital payment solutions through accounts.

You can get detailed information about Instant Payment System here.

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