Corporate lending


As the largest bank in the country, the ABB successfully finances large companies operating in any sector of the economy.

ABB provides loans (credit lines) to corporate clients, mainly for the following purposes:

  • For the purchase of fixed assets - These types of loans are loans for the creation of new production facilities, as well as the acquirer of fixed assets (machinery, equipment, new technology, etc.) for the modernization or expansion of existing ones, construction of buildings and structures;
  • To increase working capital - These types of loans are loans provided to be used as working capital to ensure the continuity of the company's current economic activities;
  • For project financing - These types of loans are loans provided by the borrower for the purpose of complex financing of new and existing business projects of various types and amounts;
  • Loans for refinancing the borrower's liabilities to other banks;
  • Financing the purchase of shares of any company by the Borrower, etc.

The amount, term, interest rate and payment terms of the loans are determined individually depending on the current request of the client and the project. Depending on the nature of the order (project), a grace period may be set for the repayment of the principal debt on the loan. Issuance of a loan with or without collateral depends on the borrower's financial condition, credit history, reputation, etc. determined depending on factors.

The Bank disburses loans both at its own expense and at the expense of funds attracted from local (Entrepreneurship Development Fund, Mortgage, and Credit Guarantee Fund, Agrarian Credit and Development Agency, etc.) and foreign financial institutions.

Advantages of lending at the ABB:

  • Possibility to allocate large loans;
  • Possibility of lending in any currency;
  • Determining convenient payment terms depending on the business project.

Loan applications can be submitted by contacting the Bank's customer service structures or by sending an e-mail to

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