Achieve the maximum with "Fayda Max"!

Benefit from "Fayda Max" advantages with ABB mobile, earn more as you spend!

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What rewards does "Fayda Max" provide?

Earn various rewards by easily achieving the goals tailored for each stage

Cashback on investment purchases

Cashback on investment purchases

30% cashback will be calculated on the commission for the investment transaction

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Cashback on DigiDeposit earnings

Cashback on DigiDeposit earnings

You will earn 10% cashback on monthly DigiDeposit earnings

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Extra "Faydalı Cashback"

Extra "Faydalı Cashback"

Your accrued "Faydalı cashback" rewards will be multiplied by a coefficient of up to 1.3

"2x EDV geri al"

"2x EDV geri al"

You will instantly receive "2x EDV geri al" on cashless transactions made using any Bank ABB cards

Commission-free money transfer

Commission-free money transfer

The monthly transfer limit will be up to 30 000 AZN without any commission fees

Cashback for loan payments

Cashback for loan payments

Up to 15% cashback on the interest amount of the loan you received after activating "Fayda Max"

How can I earn with "Fayda Max"?

Very simple! Activate, complete the goals, benefit from the rewards!

Step 1


Simply activating "Fayda Max" once upon entering the "For you" is sufficient

Step 2

Complete the goals

Complete the goals specific to each stage and receive rewards in the following month

Step 3

Take advantage of the rewards

Earning rewards next month depends on completing specific stages by the end of this month

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Earn more with "Fayda Max"!

By downloading the ABB mobile app, you can benefit from many innovations

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Download the ABB mobile app, earn rewards!

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What are the advantages of "Fayda Max"?

You can join "Fayda Max" and earn many rewards based on your monthly turnover and active cash loan



Earn rewards by completing one of the "Bronze", "Silver" or "Gold" stages within a month



Achieve the monthly stages and meet the goals to enjoy maximum rewards.



Each month, we'll surprise you with exciting rewards and exceptional offers. Stay tuned...

Achieving goals is very convenient

By taking advantage of "Fayda Max", you will receive a multitude of rewards

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