Contactless train passes with ABB cards

Now you can travel to Azerbaijan Railways terminals paying contactless with ABB bank cards and payment rings.

How to use this service?

Card order

Order an ABB Visa card or payment ring from our website or ABB Mobile

Tourniquet pass

Bring your bank card or payment ring closer to the tourniquet as usual

Business pass

For Business class, show your ticket to the controller purchased at the terminal with a bank card or payment ring

Trip completion

Complete your trip by moving the card / payment ring used at the entrance to the tourniquet

Make your first trip free

The first transaction with Visa cards at ADY terminals will be refunded fully as cashback


Don't wait in the cash queue


Pass without cash


Pay with one touch


*This service is available at 14 stations of ADY.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to pay contactless the fare for travel on Azerbaijan Railways' electric trains?

  • You need to bring the plastic card or payment ring closer to the reader in the terminal and wait for the information to be read.

Which bank cards can be used for fare payment?

  • With all cards that support the contactless payment function issued by banks.

Who can benefit from the "First payment is free" campaign?

  • Customers who make their first payment with the ABB's Visa Paywave card or payment ring can make their first trip for free. First of all, the fare amount is deducted from the customer's card, then the amount is refunded to the customer's card in the form of cashback.

How is the fare calculated?

  • At the end of the trip, the system automatically detects the departure and destination stations and removes the fare from the card balance.
  • You can get acquainted with  the fare tariffs  and  the schedule  on the official website of ADY.

How many passengers can use the same bank card?

  • Each passenger can use their bank card only once in one direction. The second passenger cannot use the same card on the same trip.

What happens if the bank card payment function is not used properly?

  • a. If after the trip the card is not used for an exit, then on the next trip the fine amount will be deducted from the card account.
  • b. If the card is not used for entrance, the fine amount will be deducted from the card account.
  • c. The fine amount will be calculated according to the tariff from the station to the last station on the Absheron railway.

When is the fine imposed?

  • If the system does not fix both the entrance and exit on the tourniquet, the system will deduct the fine amount from the passenger's card account on the next trip or at the end of the day (whichever comes first). This amount is equal to the highest fare on the route from the relevant station.

How many minutes does the system allow you to exit and return for free shortly after passing the tourniquet with the card?

  • The system allows free exit and return from the tourniquet at the same station in just 15 minutes. If the passenger makes a return trip for a longer period, a fine will be imposed on the passenger.

How many types of a tourniquet are there at the stations?

  • There are two types of turnstiles at Baku Railway stations: tripods and gates. After reading the card, if the system allows the passenger to pass, the tourniquet, the gate door open and the tripod bar is unlocked. In both cases, the tourniquet shows and light opening.
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